Spring Summer 2021 ‘Clarity’ Collection

June 28, 2021

It’s all about Transition and the Road to Clarity for SS21.
“it has been quite a journey for the brand over the past few years. Finally gaining complete understanding of What the Kwelaku brand represents, Who I am as a woman, Who the ideal Kwelaku woman is and What she stands for, I can confidently say I have Clarity; one that is synonymous with crystal clear water”.

We drew inspiration from water bodies and this influenced our fabric choices and colors. As our first attempt into custom made prints, we explored Indigo and Batik designs on sustainability sourced 100% cotton, chiffon and rayon.
Indigo is the color of intuition and perception.

Kwelaku’s signature use of tribal prints in mostly geometric and abstract forms is evident in this collection. Some of the prints were designed to reflect water bodies in different states.

Styles and silhouettes featured in this collection are a summation of our past bestsellers (such as the flounce detail skirt) and some that are relatively new (such as the layered butterfly skirt) to tell the story of our journey so far.