Resort 2024 Collection

August 27, 2023

For Resort 2024, Kwelaku takes an artful approach to celebrating the woman who wears many hats and embraces them all. The different hats she wears define who she is and how she navigates the world.

“As a creative, a professional, a mum, a wife, a daughter, a friend, the list goes on, I ask myself daily whether my identity will bring a lightness to my step and spirit, allowing me to engage in my world differently.”

The mood of this collection is inclined towards a more optimistic outlook, one that envisions the multifaceted woman switching between her many roles with ease, hence the interplay of soft materials, transitional silhouettes, and delicate detailing that embody Kwelaku’s signature effortless allure.

Geometric patterns by way of Bogolan, custom watercolor, and abstract hand-batik prints in spirit-uplifting hues are interpreted into the same fluid, yet thoroughly feminine silhouettes that the brand is known for.

Most women wear many different hats and while each of them has its own set of expectations, the Kwelaku essence enables her to navigate the world and tell her story with the ease and effortlessness, she both seeks and deserves.