Sunlight x LFW 2021 ‘Sensations’ collection

October 28, 2021

The Kwelaku Sunlight collection was inspired firstly by the Unilever Brand’s Sustainable Living Plan of reducing environmental impact.

Our collection is called ‘Sensations’ and the Sunlight brand inspired the color choices and naming of the pieces. For us the Sunlight woman is Cheerful, Clean, exudes Confidence and is every bit a Boss Lady; simply put, she is “More than you Expect”.
The silhouettes and prints employed in the collection were inspired by the Kwelaku brand, hence the use of geometric tribal prints and signature  silhouettes that transcend seasons. We also played with vibrant solid colors to kind of create a balance and provide a range/options for our women.

This influenced our fabric choices which were sustainably sourced.
Also, to this effect, hand produced Indigo designs on 100% Cotton, Rayon and Chiffon were infused into the collection.

The Kancky brand influenced the styles and silhouettes featured in this collection through creating timeless versatile designs to be produced in the high quality cotton, silk, chiffon; because sustainability to us also entails longevity of our pieces.

Finally, the Sunlight brand inspired our choices. For us the Sunlight woman is cheerful, clean, exudes confidence and is every bit a boss lady; simply put, she is “more than you expect”.